shop info

stinkytown is named after my dog stinky, who is dead, because i have abandonment issues.
i'm the mayor of stinkytown. and possibly... your best friend.

apparel unless otherwise specified is screenprinted by hand in brooklyn, new york. i screenprint each one so every piece of clothing is unique.

stock i have of books is always limited and if something is sold out, i encourage you to seek out the publisher or additional vendors.

everything is shipped via USPS including worldwide orders. shipping might change to reflect postage price changes.

please take in consideration additional delays due to covid-19.

if you are unhappy with an item or made a mistake with an order please contact me.

store is subject to occasional closing if something comes up (event or other).

you may receive a letter with your order. it is up to you if you wish to keep it or destroy it. you can also write back!