baggies of beads

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green - 8/0 TOHO seed beads, 50g
approximately 3mm
i don't know why i even have this. there must be like a million beads in this bag. make stuff, eat em, do whatever you want with them. the color is "peridot" but personally i would just call them "lime green." translucent.

pink - 8/0 TOHO seed beads, 50g
approximately 3mm
these ones are silver lined! they have a bright shine.

white rocaille - 2-5mm 10g
german? opaque white beads. different sizes.
if purchasing from outside the US you will receive a partial refund for the shipping of the white beads because the bag is so small.

check the moving sale category for other heavily discounted items.

unfortunately anything that can't fit into a paper envelope is incredibly costly. i apologize for the inconvenience but there isn't anything i can do about it.